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How to Make Money Flipping Furniture on Facebook #wahm #moneymaker #facebook #entrepreneur #sidehustle

Flipping furniture on Facebook is an incredibly lucrative opportunity if you really love flexibility and want to keep your hands busy.

So many work at home mom job ideas are online-based, but many moms are searching for a more active and even physical outlet that’s still very lucrative.

First, let’s talk about what you need.

Basic Necessities


Space is absolutely essential, as you’ll not only need a place to store furniture but also a dedicated work area. More on the work that goes into this later.


Most of the furniture you pick up is going to require a bit of work to get it in tip top shape. Bare minimum tools needed are an allen key, screwdriver, drill, hammer, rubber mallet, and sander.

Painting Supplies

Just as much of the furniture will need some tool attention, a lot of it is going to need to be repainted or refinished in some way. Having some reusable painting supplies in stock along with some basic paint thinner, paint stripper, and primer will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

How to Make Money Flipping Furniture

Flipping furniture is all about finding the right deals. You want to find a balance between price, distance, and condition.

Here’s how to find that balance and make money doing it.

Look for the Free Deals

Sometimes people are in a bind and need something gone quickly, meaning they often list furniture for free as an incentive for someone to snag it asap.

Take advantage of these free offers by offering to pick up within hours of it being listed.

Keep in mind, though, that not every free item is a good item. You’ll still want to make sure any repairs that are needed are easy and cost effective and that the item is located within a few miles.

Always Compare Prices

Always compare prices for similar items at retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and even Rooms To Go.

Sometimes people will list an item very near the price of what that item is currently selling for brand new. This leaves little room for your own profit at resale.

Plus, when you’re flipping the refinished piece of furniture, these are the brand new items that your refinished item will be compared to, and you still want to make sure you offer the better deal.

Ask for Brand Names and Model Numbers

Brand names offer both quality assurance and resale value.

A Better Home and Gardens cube organizer is going to be of higher quality and resale value than one made by Closetmaid.

You’ll also want to know details like measurements and whether the piece of furniture is made from particle board, aluminum, real wood, etc.

Take Quality Photos

When you’re looking to make money from flipping furniture, high quality photos are a must. Oftentimes, your prospective buyers are only going to see the online listing before making an offer or committing to purchasing something.

Make sure you’re taking your photos somewhere that is well-lit and devoid of any trash.

Make your photos even better by staging them so that dining rooms tables have vases with flowers on top and couches have pillows. You can sell those along with your furniture or keep them for future photo shoots.

Quick Tips for Good Photography

  • Take photos out of direct sunlight but in a well-lit area
  • Invest in either a quality DSLR camera or use an app like Lightroom to edit photos taken on your phone
  • Remove any items the might distract from the piece of furniture for sale
  • Wipe down all surfaces before photographing
  • Do not take photos with the flash on

A quick note about safety…

Always meet in a public place or bring someone with you to pickup from someone’s home! Many city’s police stations also allow residents to buy and sell in their parking lot as part of a larger community safety effort.

Make Residual Income from Furniture Flipping

Documenting your before and after shots and detailing how you refinish each piece of furniture is ideal for a home DIY blog!

Start by selecting a domain name and registering it with a website, like Dreamhost.

You can choose a domain and hosting plan here!

Here is where top notch photography is another huge asset. Show off those photos of your hard work and share it with the world—Pinterest is a perfect audience for home and DIY content.

Once you’ve gotten started, check out this article on different ways to monetize your blog.

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